Monetization without Advertising

EAIO liberates your site from ads and creates a growing stream of direct monetary contributions. Optimizing donations will help you become independent of advertising.

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A/B Testing Donate Buttons

The key to making money from donations is constant A/B testing. A/B testing (also called split testing) is the practice of showing one variation of a website to one visitor and another variation to the next visitor. The performance of both variations is recorded, compared and the better performing variation used – a process called conversion rate optimization (CRO).

A/B Tests

EAIO tests all aspects of the donate button, including:

Donation Amount

EAIO starts with a donation amount of US$ 1. Many others are tested, including odd ones such as 0.99 or 1.97. This A/B test is intelligent in that it is repeatedly run based on previous data to find the optimum donation amount for your website.


Multiple variations exist for all textual elements. All variations are internationalized to 17 languages.


EAIO supports custom donation amounts. This feature is switched on and off in an A/B test.


Since EAIO supports up to three donate buttons on a page, an A/B test also evaluates whether the eCPM can be improved by turning zones off.

Looking for Adsense Alternatives?

Banned from AdSense? Everybody you know using Adblock Plus? Strange AdSense layout experiments that you can’t opt out of?

Take back control of your site and monetize it with donations, the alternative to AdSense!

The difference to Google AdSense

No Middlemen

You get all the donations your site receives (minus PayPal fees, of course). EAIO has a simple view-based pricing.

No “Publisher Account Disabled” Emails

EAIO doesn’t employ people that ban publishers.

Total Control over the Donate Button Layout

EAIO is open for your ideas. You have full control over how donate buttons are displayed through CSS.

Affiliate Marketing Alternative

Tired of hunting for affiliate products? Need to continously A/B test and Geo-target? Offers that work well keep getting discontinued?

Promote a product you can stand behind 100 % – your website. With EAIO, you can monetize traffic to quality websites through donations.

The difference to Affiliate Marketing

More money

100 % of the donations your site receives are paid out (minus PayPal fees, of course). EAIO has a simple view-based pricing. And no shaving.

Completely Automated

EAIO optimizes the donation rate of each button through a large number of A/B tests.

Not seasonal and not time limited

If you make donating easy to your visitors, they will always donate.

Donate Button

In a world full of AdBlock users, adding a donate button to your website is a great idea but a donate button will not automatically make you money. Monetizing website traffic with donations is possible but several conditions have to be met:

  • High visibility. Donation buttons need to be easily visible.
  • Large button size. Donate buttons also need to be large so they’re easy to click.
  • Trustworthiness. It needs to be clear that donations go towards the site and not a 3rd party.
  • A donation amount. Letting visitors chose their own donation button hurts donation rates.
  • Intelligent optimization. Text and graphical elements of the donate button need to be A/B tested for each website. A one-size-fits-all approach only causes ad blindness.
  • A quality website. Only websites that provide utility or information to the visitor will see good results from donations.

EAIO helps you monetize your traffic with donation buttons that are optimized for your site. Extensive split tests increase donation rates and donate buttons blend into your site’s layout. Get independent from advertising by accepting donations the right way.